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Hello dear people, I am Ineke Wilbers born in august 1948, you know me before as Ineke Touw, but since my divorce I am using my maiden name. My last website was lost so I made another one. We are currently adding more information to the site. You can also read a lot of information on links, I will try to translate all the other articles in English. I am a medium and a healer and I do everything that has to do with paranormal things, also footreflexology and meditations. If there are enough people I also do spiritual courses. 


Again hello dear people,

There are a lot of chances on our beautiful planet.
It is not easy for Gaia because people still abuse her, but she is also changing.
She is already a lot higher in energy than before, this helps people to grow quicker. The light energy coming to our world, is growing intenser.

These chances are going so fast that it is difficult for people to follow and this brings a lot of fear and confusion, the negative energy is also very busy to bring confusion, do not let them get you to live in fear, stay by yourself and in your own power then the negativity has no power to influence you, try to keep your thoughts positive.

If we keep trusting in the good things and the help from the light then everything will be okay, know that there are very strong light energies working for us, especially if you ask for help, because of our free will. Do not be ashamed to ask for help, day or night. There will be people where the soul chooses to stay in the 3 Dementia because their soul is not ready there, that is their right, so don’t jugde them, it is their right, they do not know any better.  

Because off the high and light energy which is coming to this world, there are a lot of emotions such as fear, anger, sorrow, pain and all other kind of emotions coming lose, they create chaos and fear. There are a lot of crazy things going on, that is because of those chances, first the duality has to go out of the people, that is the biggest reason for the chaos in this world. Now everything that is not honest and good has to go out of this world. It is also time that all the greed and misuse of power, manipulation and all those negative things vanish of this world, only then there is harmony, peace and equality between the people and specially the sexes.
Keep your trust in the good and that we together with all the light help still grow and keep beleaving in the chances of this world.

Together we get where we are suppose to go and everything will find its place, but stay alert because the negativity will keep trying to influence you.
We are going the right way in spite of everything that has happened in this world. So do not worry too much. Do not forget to embrace your own shadow (duality) with love and keep your thoughts, words and deeds as positive as possible. Then we can help Gaia and ourselves the right way, because Gaia also needs our positive help against all the pollution and abuse from the people.

I wish you a heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul and wonders in your lives, during these miraculous times. This is from Karin Bishop but I agree fully with her, I also wish you lots of love, light, power and transformation during the coming time.

For everyone lots of love from me Ineke Wilbers

PS. I hope the translation is good to read.                       

Published on  January 12th, 2015